Bio ~ Page 5

My photographs generally come from various travels to natural and wild places in the NT, QLD, New Zealand and Jervis Bay. I take many photographs and work with those which speak to me or inspire me in some way.

The historian Simon Schama in his book Landscape and Memory writes:

……”our entire landscape tradition is the product of shared culture, it is by the same token a tradition built from a rich deposit of myths, memories, and obsessions. The cults which we are told to seek in other native cultures – of the primitive forest, of the river of life, of the sacred mountain – are in fact alive and well and all about us if only we know where to look for them. …. ….

Instead of assuming the mutually exclusive character of Western culture and nature, I want to suggest the strength of the links that have bound them together.

That strength is often hidden beneath layers of the commonplace. ………..
….it goes to the heart of one of our most powerful yearnings: the craving to find in nature a consolation for our mortality. It is why groves of trees, with their annual promise of spring awakening, are thought to be a fitting décor for our earthly remains. So the mystery behind this commonplace turns out to be eloquent on the deepest relationships between natural form and human design.”