Bio ~ page 2

Art-making seemed an elusive realm for others with talent. Eventually when I missed out on buying a pastel work I loved, I decided to try my own hand at abstract art. Tentatively I played with water-colours.  I looked at the work of Emile Nolde. My first exhibition was a series of watercolours at Tilley Devine’s Cafe.

After completing 3 other degrees and working in a professional capacity for some time, I studied printmaking at the ANU School of Art.

My work

Much of my early work focuses on nature. I am interested in the feelings that landscapes can elicit in a viewer.  I search for glimpses of some sense of the sublime. I notice that fragments of images of landscapes have been so widely incorporated into our daily lives that we can forget their source and meaning. From fabric dotted with stylised flower motifs to the ubiquitous “rolling hills” or “air-brushed ocean waves”, to the creation of our own gardens, we appropriate and mimic nature.